Badminton Cross Country

Bill Levett and Improvise, The Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials 2016Cross country day did not go according to plan. Womble did really well up till the 8th minute; we were having a storming round until we had a runout out at one of the influential fences.

It was a couple of angled brushes either side of a hollow, and I will have to try and look at the video to see what actually happened. It felt as though he stumbled in the ditch and lost his forward impetus to come out.

All very frustrating but the only response you can have is to put it behind us, get him home and let him have a few days of R&R to make sure he is fit and well, and then make a plan as to what to do next. The ground rode well and I think the course was a true 4 star test. It certainly was not a good day for the Aussies but that is the way the sport is sometimes. At least Womble is fine and we are able to have another go.

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Posted 7th May

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