Rockingham – Dressage Day

RockinghamStartBoxWe are coming back from Rockingham after a day of pure dressage. It was the boys on tour with me and Will riding today. I had Sparkles, Tonto and Cassie, while Will is doing the CIC* on his own JJ.

Sparkles was doing the CIC**, while Cassie and Tonto were in the CIC*. I let Sparkles down today by making two errors of course. Some of the work was nice but to me he still felt too fresh and there were moments when I couldn’t really ride him how I wanted to.

Anyway the main goal for him is Tattersalls CCI** in two weeks time. So it was nice to do the test, and hopefully have it clear so I won’t make any mistakes there. If I make those mistakes again in Tattersalls I will probably get shot by the owner (my wife)!

Cassie had her first attempt today at a harder dressage test, doing the CIC*, and she came out with a respectable score of 53.3. Tonto was in the same section and got a 48 and it is pleasing to think they both have a lot of improvement in front of them. It was nice to see Will do a solid test on JJ for a 55, let’s hope he can finish on that. We have a busy few days at Rockingham now, being there 4 days in a row.

Tomorrow it’s the turn of the babies and Jenny doing her dressage in the CIC*.

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Posted 19th May

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