Bramham Update

Yesterday was a good day for Team Levett at Bramham. It was show jumping for Alex and Tonto in the morning and then cross country for all three horses in the afternoon.

Both Alex and Tonto were super over a difficult show jump track, both just having the one  pole down. Then the day moved quickly onto the CCI XC with Sparkles. He gave me a super round, jumping all the combinations very easily and cruising home 10 seconds inside the time. It was such a thrill to ride him around a tough track as he made it feel straight forward.

Then it was the turn of Tonto and Alex in the CIC3*. Tonto was first to go and he just got too strong for me. He was really willing to jump the fences but was wanting to get to them too quickly – unfortunately this caused a problem and we parted company early on at the hollow (which caused problems all day). It was frustrating, but we will both fight another day and he will have learnt from today, plus I was thrilled with his show jumping.

Alex, on the other hand, was very good. He had a wobble early on at a corner, but then was back to his best and finished 6th in a strong field. A good day considering, and now only Sparkles show jumping to go today and hopefully I can do him justice and he will do his part.



Posted 10th June ~ Bill & Tonto © Trevor Holt

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