Highclere – Figgy and Harry Go Well

Bill LevettI’ve been back at Highclere today with Figgy and Harry for the Intermediate. I wasn’t on until late in the afternoon and so I was able to ride a few at home this morning and spend some time with the kids – who were busy charging around the school on their ponies.

As I said yesterday the ground at Highclere is spot on and rides really well. The intermediate track is strong enough but rode very well. I was really pleased with both Harry and Figgy today. Harry is aiming for Weston 2 star and he now feels very confident at this level. He will always need motivating as he’s not a naturally forward thinking horse. However he is talented with good paces, a nice jump and a good gallop. He did a better test today and then jumped a double clear. The time at Highclere is always quite ‘gettable’ vs most intermediate tracks and given the good ground I decided to press on with Harry as a fittening run and given he was well placed. He ended up second beaten by 0.1!

I was also very pleased with Figgy who was having her second ever intermediate run. She was quite lit up in the dressage, but this will come; she’s a big mare and still getting established with the movements at this level. Once confident in the movements she will be more settled and I’m sure be very competitive. She also then jumped a double clear, jumping her best yet in the show jumping and feeling very confident around the cross country. I was very pleased that she was settled on the cross country and not strong, as at Hartpury she had taken me by surprise being extremely strong and keen.

So all in all a good day and no wife to beat me today! I’m back tomorrow with Coco and Magnus, with Magnus having his first crack at an Advanced which he is ready for. Coco will just do the dressage and show jumping as he’s heading to Blenheim.



Posted 29th August

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