Aston-le-Walls (2)

This week sees us out competing a lot, as we had 2 days at Aston and then go on to Chatsworth.

We thought it would be a good idea to get Alfie off the place and do some dressage and showjumping before he heads to Chatsworth, just to give him every chance to be settled in the atmosphere up in Derbyshire.

Quinn and Tonto were there also, running in the intermediate. Tonto is getting quite consolidated at the level, taking 9th place in his class. Quinn was a good boy too, just having the last 2 show jumps down which was frustrating. He also managed to over reach in the showjumping so we decided not to run cross country, but he is only young and getting better and better.

All the classes at Aston are usually pretty straightforward but I thought for this event Nigel had beefed up the intermediate, which was no bad thing.

The next day we had nearly a lorryful as I had Stan and Digby, Noor had Chicken and Cally, and Jaya had Red. For me both Stan and Digby were nice rides in all 3 phases with Stan jumping a double clear. Digby had a couple of rails in the showjumping but otherwise he was super. I do really love riding him cross country.

Noor continues to gain more experience with Chicken and had her new, lovely mare, Cally out. She looks to suit Noor very well and over time I am sure they will develop a good partnership. Red did a nice job for Jaya. He is the most genuine horse you will ever find and cruises round the cross country so easily.

It won’t be long before we are back out again with these guys and they can make good use of the nice going after recent rain. It’s always better at this time of year to do as much as you can with the young ones as once the summer comes it can get very rough and hard.

So, all in all, not a bad couple of days and like all these competitions, if the riders and the horses come back safe and sound then we can all press on to another day.



Posted 10th May

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