Team Levett were at Wellington today. I had three in the Advanced and Josh had Bert in the OI – a last run before embarking on his trip to Montelibretti with the Junior Team.

Bambi had a good mark in the dressage. Floss, I feel, could get better quality work. Archie (pictured) was a bit green and over excited in the dressage! But will produce the best test of all of them eventually. He is, after all, only 8.

 The ground was a bit firm which was a strange feeling as we have had very little of that this season! The courses were good and in the Advanced there was enough there to do for sure, in a good way. All three horses – Archie, Bambi and Floss – went brilliantly XC. I didn’t wear a watch. I was surprised by Floss’ time in particular as I didn’t feel I was riding him that hard. He was taking me. I rode them all in a similar way and I would always say Bambi is the quicker horse, but not today.

 SJ was a bit strange as they are all good jumpers, so, to have two down with Bambi and one with Floss was frustrating but as it turned out, I wasn’t alone. It was a bit ‘up and down’ and a bit to look at in that arena. Archie jumped a marvellous clear and in fact overall, had an excellent round both in the SJ and XC at his first Advanced. I was very pleased with him. One of his owners, Miranda Heynes, was there to cheer him on which was terrific.

Dotti did a pleasing Novice run on the Friday, finishing 10th. She was really good XC. Still a little green in the dressage. She feels like she is jumping better and understanding what is required. There was a bridge type fence in the water which she had never seen before but she took it on brilliantly. She has a good gallop and can hum along.

It was a good outing for them all. They will go to Cornbury for the OI on the Thursday, with maybe Bart having a run there too. Then Bambi will head for Boekelo and Floss and Archie to Lignieres.



Posted 29th August


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