Here we are already at the end of our time @ACEVAlignieres, where we had Archie (pictured) in his first 4*S and Floss doing the 4*L.

It has been really very warm and the biggest challenge has been the pesky flies, especially the crab flies which attack the horses between their back legs and under their docks, sending them rather wild. Bambi managed to kick a hole in his stable and Archie knocked out a couple of the planks. #GoodbyeFlys was struggling!

Baby oil was the answer for between their legs and under their tails. However, we had done both their tests before we found the baby oil! Lots of bucking in the warm up and round the outside before the test. Floss held it pretty much together in his test with lots of tail swishing. Archie did a tremendous leap for his second flying change and nearly dislodged me out the side door!

Floss XC was really good on his lines, taking it all on. The track had lots of twists and turns with some tight lines. Unfortunately, he left a knee on an oxer which was the penultimate fence, and stumbled onto his nose, which left me unseated but landing on my feet. Such a shame to have negotiated the good but strong 4*L track and to so nearly finish. 

Archie jumped a good SJ round with just one rolled pole. I took him slowly round the big 4*S course as it was his first at the level and the track had its challenges for a first timer.  Well, he was mega! Really confident, managing the difficult lines wonderfully with an ‘I can do this’ attitude. He finished clear with 21 time. Very pleased with him.

It was a lovely Event with helpful people, and strong but good 4* tracks that were horse friendly.

Next stop Boekelo with Bambi. Archie and Floss go straight home via the ferry at Caen with local New Zealand rider, Ginny Thompson.



Posted 1st October

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