Team Levett is on its way home from Boekelo with Bambi.

I was thrilled with Bambi throughout. He probably did his best dressage test to date for a 32.6.  He’s not a hot horse once he’s in the ring and will go on to improve his result.

Bambi was super XC with a solid effort. He has a good galloping stride. Boekelo is not only a popular event with the riders but is hugely popular with the locals, drawing immense crowds. There are sponsors’ marquees all around the course, full of spectators all having a very jolly time from breakfast through lunch and on into the evening. There are large crowds each side of every fence which Bambi was a little surprised at to begin with as he’d never seen anything like it before, but he  soon settled into it, going very well round a strong track. We couldn’t get a stride into the penultimate fence resulting in not looking very pretty over it – a pity that was one of the few fences that CMH happened to show us at – Bambi was super over the many fences that weren’t shown! He finished well with a clear round and a handful of time faults. I am thrilled with him.

The SJ was a strong test but a good one with the time being tight. We frustratingly had one down which he very lightly touched which meant we finished in 30th place out of 79 finishers from 116 starters.

Boekelo is very hospitable with lots of atmosphere and massive corporate entertaining. It is like a Christmas market with so much going on, drawing massive crowds who seemed to stay all day and into the night. Lots of music and festivity. It’s 9 years since I’ve been there and it was good to catch up with friends I don’t usually see on the UK circuit.

Thank you Lucy Whitehead, who has looked after the horses both at Lignieres and Boekelo. A huge thanks also to the team at home looking after the yard while we were both away.

Bambi now goes on holiday to join the other horses.



Posted 9th October

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