Hipp and Tim

Bill LevettGood news, Hipp and Tim have been reassessed today by our vet and rescanned, and he’s pleased with their progress. Tim remains on track with his preparation and we are cautiously optimistic that we will be able to get him back to Badminton in the Spring. Early days but we’re all focused on trying to get Tim to Badminton again – the gameready machine, which applies cold and compression without getting the legs wet, has been a real help and we ensure that Tim has treatment with it each time he jumps, canters or goes for a hill trot – this focus on the detail should hopefully bear fruit over time in minimising the pressure on his legs and giving them the best change possible of standing up to the preparation he has to undergo to be fit enough to run at Badminton.

Hipp is also healing well and his knee/leg is holding up to the work he’s now in – he’s schooling a little each day on the flat and building up his programme of work. The vets are really pleased with how well his legs are handling and with the results of the surgery – which is all good news. So I don’t want to get ahead of myself but we are all cautiously optimistic.



Posted 9th February

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