Passed the Trot Up

Bill LevettIt’s baking hot here in Saumur. Coco has passed the trot up today and I’ve had a chance to walk the course. I do my dressage on Friday morning at approximately 10am.

My summary of the track is that it’s a good strong three star track. To be expected it’s difficult enough and I’m sure the time will be tough to get. We don’t know the optimum time yet, that will be published tomorrow.

The cross country has a big pull near the end of the course. The ground is surprisingly good, not as firm as I was expecting from what you see around the stable area. All the distances are forward, typical French building with a lot of forward three stride related lines, a proper three star test.

I feel Coco is ready for the test; he’s only 9 but he’s got the talent and the experience I think to have a go. He feels good – he’s had two works today and has felt quite settled. I think the heat is making them all a little more laid back than they might otherwise be.

Tomorrow I will watch some dressage, walk the course again and wheel it, and work out my preparation for Coco’s test.

I’ll keep you posted.



Posted 18th May

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