Salperton – Another Good Day

Bill Levett Alex and Silks went really well today, both completing nice double clears. Silks ended up with a 6th and Alex a 5th place which was pleasing. Alex felt much more mature and secure in both the dressage, especially the trot work, and in the jumping phases. This was really exciting as he’s still young and developing but he is definitely turning a corner in terms of confidence and maturity.

Silks gave me a cracking ride on the cross country with no nonsense at the water jumps and being very straight and true on his lines.

It was a scorcher of a day and it was nice to spend a bit of time with Silks and Alex’s owners after they had run. I then made it home to ride a few horses and get ready for the arrival of my parents who come in to Heathrow at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Very exciting.



Posted 26th June

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