Burghley – A Waiting Game

Bill LevettThe ballot for Burghley was published today. My initial celebrations of discovering I was only 6th on the wait list were short lived, as on reading the small print (as ever down to the wife!) I discovered I’m really 22nd on the list as Burghley have accepted 100 runners and only once the list of 100 goes below 84 will they take horses off the waitlist.

After consultation with Tim’s owners we’ve decided to hold our nerve and continue with plan A and prepare him for Burghley. Surely he cannot miss out twice in one season not getting off a wait list. So we will be keeping everything crossed that some of the entries come off and hopefully head for the Europeans as an alternative.

It will I’m sure be as before, touch and go, and go right to the wire before we know for sure.



Published 2nd August

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