No competing!

Bill LevettIt was in many ways great not to be eventing this weekend; at the end of the season it is always nice to not have to get in the truck and drive to a competition although, believe you me, I will be missing it before long and keen to get back on the circuit, even at my age. However I do enjoy being at home as I enjoy the process of training horses as I’ve said many times before.

This weekend we took full advantage of having a weekend without events and had some friends to stay and a great local bonfire and firework display – although not before I did a serious stint of teaching on Saturday, basically all day, with some long standing clients and one of our local Pony Clubs who I help from time to time. I enjoy teaching and much fun and laughter was had by all (and I hope some learning). Thankfully no one got too wet as the weather stayed fine. The only real excitement of the afternoon came when the Hunt appeared from nowhere and proceeded to  make merry on the edge of our place. Luckily it was towards the end of the day and the majority of the horses had already been brought in – much leg pulling was had though as I legged it at break neck speed to catch Coco who was still out in the paddock! Anyway no harm done although I was a bit stressed that we’d not heard from the hunt, but sometimes these things happen and the hounds had just got away, I think, and run and run.



Posted 28th October – Photo Wern Woloschin

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