Getting Me In Shape………

Bill LevettI’ve had an interesting meeting today with Jon Pitts who is helping the Australian riders to ensure they are as well prepared as possible to do their job of riding at their best on a horse. He has been helping me develop a system to ensure I manage my own physical fitness as best as possible and I’ve found it really helpful. Previous sessions have been about what can be done to help manage historical injuries I have and to ensure I remain as fit in terms of flexibility, core strength and cardio fitness as I can. I have developed a programme with his help to aid me with all of these areas. The key has been to find a programme I enjoy, can fit in time wise and therefore stick to, and it seems to be working so far – three months in to it!

Today was slightly different as it was all about exercises I can do on a horse to help me manage my physical ‘wellbeing’. Jon gave me some really helpful and easy to implement tips which I never would have thought of in terms of stretches I can do on a horse and other little tips about how I get on and how I position my shoulders etc. Really interesting stuff and again helpful and practical.



Posed 13th January

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