Back On The Gallops

Bill LevettIt’s been a good day today as with the thaw over the weekend we have been able to get on the gallops today. I must admit enjoying taking Hipp, Coco and Ricky for their first work out at the gallops. The horses have been building up their base fitness with a programme of hill trotting in addition to the schooling work I do with them, and now it’s time to add in their gallop programme. This first trip up the gallops is always a cautious outing with the handbrake firmly on – but it is still a good piece of work for them. From now until each horse’s three day goal they will gallop every fourth day (typically Monday and Friday) with the intensity (duration and speed) of the work increasing over time.

The good news, despite the horses feeling very well and excited to be back at the gallops, all of us managed to sit tight and not get dumped! So we all came back with a smile on our faces.



Posted 13th February

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