A Ray Of Sunshine……..

Bill LevettI had some good and some bad news today. I was disappointed for my owners and horses to hear that Gatcombe has been cancelled, this year is just a write off in terms of eventing – I know when we had foot and mouth we didn’t get to event but I cannot remember anything like this in terms of rain stopping play with such catastrophic consequences for our sport.

Such a shame as several horses were being aimed at Gatcombe – never mind, nothing that can be done, it will be interesting to see if they reschedule the event.

Better news came today about Coco. It appears his injury is only very minor so we are going to take the opportunity to give him a holiday now and move forward with caution. He’s not had a good break for a long time so he will have some time off and then we will work out a plan and goals for him for next year – his owners and I have always wanted to take him to Pau so that might be our goal, we shall see.



Posted 9th July

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