Cinderella Rockerfella

Bill LevettSometimes when everything seems to be going a bit pear shaped I count to 10 and feel blessed to have Joshua and Ursula to put it all in perspective.

Today has been one of those days. I had to go to the Australian training camp venue at the Unicorn Trust and despite enjoying my lessons and taking a lot out of it I didn’t find it an easy day. For one it brings back all the ‘talk about the team selection’ and two I feel gutted again that I’m not in the mix with Coco, although in some ways I’m relieved to now be able to take control of my own life and plan my own destiny. I know the decision to withdraw Coco from the process was the right one, to continue was absolutely possible but I don’t feel responsible in terms of the long term future of the horse and I absolutely must put the horse ahead of myself.

Anyway back to Josh and Ursula – today was the culmination of several months of hard work as their school was performing their summer production Cinderella Rockerfella – the whole school did a fantastic job putting on a memorable and very funny performance. Ursula had a speaking part as Fairy Forhesajollyfellow – she remembered all of her lines and moves and words in the songs she sang with three other fairies. Josh was a ‘party guest’ and looked very smart in his suit and showed a good sense of rhythm as he danced about the stage with others from his class – of course they get all their talent from their father if I say so myself!

Anyway lots of fun was had by all and it was a welcome distraction.



Posted 11th July

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