Dressage Training And Cross Country Schooling

Bill LevettIt’s been a day of learning for both me and the horses! This morning I went cross country schooling with Womble, Tommy and Timmy while Hannah and Mary took Quick and Clover respectively. All the horses went well, and it was good to get them all back in the groove ahead of their respective competitions later this week.

I then had dressage lessons this afternoon with Gareth. I’ve decided I need more consistent help and while Bettina is back in Germany I’ve decided to have some lessons with Gareth who teaches at many of our Australian training clinics. I, as ever, took lots out of the lessons about how to improve the way I train the horses and also ring craft.

Tomorrow I’m hoping for an outing at Dauntsey – I know they’ve gone to huge effort to try and ensure the event runs, so let’s hope that their hard work pays off and they get an event to run and we all get an outing.



Posted 16th July

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