Boekelo – Settling In

Bill LevettWell it was good to arrive at Boekelo after a pretty good trip which took about 12 hrs from door to door. Polly Jackson and Nial Griffin came with us so it was good to have company and help with the driving. Ricky travelled well and passed the first trot up in style.

He seems to have settled in well. I have had my first course walk and it seems a good course with plenty to do but in a nice way. Early on there is a box brush on a long two strides to a very skinny brush then a couple of fences later the first water which has a lot to look at as there are lots of options to look at! I think I will be Friday afternoon dressage which will be good. At the moment the ground looks good as there is not a lot of rain forecast.



Posted 11th October

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