Australia Here We Come!

Bill LevettI am off to Australia with the kids for two weeks while Jenny and Mel hold the fort at the yard. We are en route to the airport as I write this short blog. The kids and I are flying out for a couple of significant Australian family events in Oz and to see my parents who weren’t able to come over this summer for one reason or another.

I’m very excited, like a little kid, BUT I’m also dreading the journey with the kids on my own despite them being great travellers –whichever way you cut it it’s a long trip. It’s on days like today that I realise how much Jenny does to organise our lives and ensure everything runs smoothly……… for example, just before I left I say to her ‘I haven’t got much for my ruck sac, what on earth do you usually pack?’ at which point she reels off a long list including wet wipes, kids drink bottles (to reduce spillages on the plane), snacks for us all, change of clothes for all, colouring books, pens, toys…… need I go on? There was a hasty repacking of my bags and off we went to the airport!

I’m hugely grateful to my team at home led by Mel, and to Jenny of course, for ensuring all runs smoothly so I can have a much needed break to take stock and recharge, and hopefully catch a few rays of sunshine.



Posted 5th December

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