Dressage Lessons And Gymnastic Jumping

Bill LevettTraining continues at a pace with more lessons with Gareth and gymnastic jumping in the school. I took Alfie and Tommy for lessons this week and both went well. Tommy has improved over the winter, getting stronger again. We played around with Alfie in a double this time which was interesting and helpful. As ever lots to work on and learn – I am really enjoying my lessons, as I always do.

I’ve also been doing some gymnastic jumping with the horses to get them back in the groove. We are very lucky that our school doesn’t tend to freeze in the cold weather so it’s been business as usual this week and I’ve been able to crack on with schooling them on the flat and getting their jumping muscles going.

It’s also the time of year for MOT and the horses have all had their teeth checked, which happens every six months, and physio assessments, which they have regularly throughout the year.

So we are getting ready – it’s definitely busy busy and all systems go.



Posted 16th January

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