Chatsworth – Day Two

Bill Levett As I only had two cross country and two show jump rounds today, I had time to walk the cross country course again this morning. For both Silks and¬†Womble it was their most difficult cross country test to date bar none. Some¬†were saying the CIC*** main class (which had extra fences in it vs the¬†‘normal three star’ was more of a four star test. I tended to agree – I felt¬†the three star had a couple of combinations that would not look out if place¬†in the next level up.

The fence that I felt rode the strongest was the first water complex, being a log, two strides to a big hanging log in the edge of the water jump. It was a very big drop in over this log which took a lot of bravery from the horses.

With both Silks and Womble this was the only fence they had a slight¬†hesitation at. Silks went a little bit faster than Womble cross country and¬†finished 6th overall, his best result at this level to date. I was very¬†pleased with the feeling he gave me cross country, taking it all in his¬†stride and feeling like he had plenty of gallop – I’m thrilled for Francis¬†who owns him, he feels like a four star horse in the making.

Womble proved again that he is a horse with big time potential by jumping a¬†double clear. The show jumping track was fairly strong with plenty of¬†related lines. The ground underfoot was very good and the time on the track¬†quite generous. It’s always a nice feeling to go into this phase knowing¬†that you have two horses that have a good chance of jumping clear. As I said¬†earlier Womble jumped a lovely clear and Silks was unfortunate and had one¬†down.

So now these two boys will be wrapped in cotton wool before heading to Tatts in three weeks time.



Posted 12th May

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