Aachen – Ready Steady Go

Bill Levett Well we are all settled in at Aachen. Today it all began with the briefing, course walk and trot up. Silks passed the trot up and is drawn second in our team. Paul is up first, then myself followed by Chris and finally Andrew – it all kicks off early Friday morning with the dressage and then show jumping in the afternoon.

Silks is feeling very fresh – he was cheeky at the trot up and then very above himself schooling in the main arena this afternoon! He was leaping about and acting the clown, he didn’t really settle in the stadium atmosphere – let’s hope he improves tomorrow. The stadium has an atmosphere unlike anywhere else I’ve ridden, we get a slot to school in it which we had early this evening after the trot up. I think that was very helpful.

The course is similar to last year with some tough lines especially in the water – I will need to ride well and Silks will need to do his part too. However before that I need to focus on the dressage and show jumping.

It will be an early morning for me, as I will ride Silks twice before his test, and he’s on at 10.36 am CET tomorrow morning.



Posted 27th June – Photo Trevor Holt

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