A Different Day At The Office

Bill LevettWell as I write this I am thousands of feet up, flying back to BirminghamĀ after spending the day at Monart Equestrian Centre near Wexford. I had beenĀ asked by Niall Griffin and Polly Jackson to be part of the selection panelĀ for their performance horse sale. I was over and back from Ireland in theĀ day and it was both enjoyable and interesting .

I saw a broad range ofĀ horses to suit all different types of riders and I still have another day toĀ go back in September . I take my hat off to Niall and Polly for having theĀ get up and go to get the sale up and running, and now in its third year it seemsĀ to be getting better all the time. I love looking at horses and trying toĀ assess what I think will and will not make it as an event horse. So althoughĀ it was work it was fun to.

Back home tonight then an early start for Richmond in the morning with Alex,Ā Silver and Monty in the intermediate and Dotty in the Novice. We areĀ travelling north for better ground and as I hear good things about the trackĀ at Richmond – a new event for me.

I will report back tomorrow.



Posted 29th August

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