Blenheim – Hayley Dressage

Hayley Parker Pohlands CuppuchinoBLWHayley did a good dressage at Blenheim today – she scored very well and I felt fairly from two judges, but one judge seemed to be on a different plane as she scored Hayley 35 marks difference. Hayley wasn’t the only one there were several people who received very divergent marks from one judge which caused plenty of raised eyebrows – however, tomorrow is another day and I’m pretty sure Blenheim will not be a dressage competition as there is plenty of jumping to be done. It’s time for Hayley to put the dressage behind her and kick on tomorrow.

I will be back at Blenheim in the morning to watch the early horses go with Hayley, and then rework some of the lines with her – she goes mid afternoon as she is near the end of the field.



Posted 12th September

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