Planning & More Planning

We plan the calendar with a three – six month time horizon, four week time horizon and weekly time horizon.

Each horse has a programme that is tailored to their needs so in many respects there is no such thing as a typical programme. Jenny and I write up the horse work diary each Sunday for the following week at a detailed level in terms of plans for each horse.

However we have to develop overall plans about three months in advance in terms of competition schedules and where horses will run so that we can enter events and owners can plan their diaries.

Within a three month time horizon we then tend to develop a high level plan for the following four week period in terms of lessons, canter days, farrier, physio appointments etc., and then we plan each horse’s work and feeding programme on a weekly basis.

A typical horse programme, (having said there is no such thing!) may look like:

·         Day Off
·         School on flat
·         Fitness hack or canter day
·         School on flat
·         Jumping session – could be course or athletic exercises, or accuracy – varies depending on what needs working on
·         Lungeing with pessoa
·         Fitness hack and/or school on flat

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