Final Canter, Packing and More Packing

Bill LevettToday I’ve been to the gallops to give Hipp and Tim a final canter. They both feel really good and now I just want to get on with it.

Jenny and I have been organising the work programmes for the horses while I’m away. It’s important that all of the horses continue to progress with each of their goals while I’m away for a few days. I gave them all a jump today and will ride most of them tomorrow before I leave for Badminton. While I’m away they will work on the pessoa, do fitness work, and hack. I think variety is as important as routinue in a horses programme and we are lucky enough to be able to give the horses both things given our set up and facilities. Emma, Mary, Darian and Thea will hold the fort while I’m away and Jenny will commute back and forth to try and ensure all runs smoothly.

The whole team will get to come down to the event at different times as it’s important they all get to experience Badminton as it is a team effort that helps get me to the big competitions.

Anyway I’m off for an evening of lorry packing to make sure nothing gets forgotten. Vicky and Eleanore have packed for the horses but it’s my job to pack for the humans and make sure I’ve got all of my kit organised – oh what to wear for the trot up?! I must admit I’ve NOT spent hours on my outfit, oh well!

Next blog should hopefully be written from Badminton.



Posted 27th April

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