Welcome Back Dotty!

Dotty is back at Little Charingworth Stud… Continue reading

Never A Dull Moment

The season may be over but life at Team Levett continues to have lots of different things… Continue reading

Ligniere & Bicton Season Wrap Up

The season is almost over and it seems strange that it is still lovely weather… Continue reading


This weekend had Levetts going in all directions: Jenny to Wales… Continue reading

Kelsall Hill Wrap Up

Driving home after a long day at Kelsall – we left home at 5:30am… Continue reading

WEG Wrap Up

I’m now waiting in Washington DC for a flight back to Brussels… Continue reading

Bill Levett

Burghley – not the ending any of us wanted

I’m travelling home from Burghley feeling very frustrated… Continue reading

Burghley dressage day

Dressage is done and now one sleep before cross country day… Continue reading

Blair Castle

Blair is done and dusted. It was so nice to have Alex and Alfie at this lovely event… Continue reading

Somerford & Solihull Round Up

This weekend feels a little bit like the calm before the storm… Continue reading