Competition Fixtures

During the season we keep the page as accurate as possible but late changes do sometimes have to be made. 

AthleetMillstreetGatcombe (2)
Huberthus ACSomerford ParkGatcombe (2)
Lassban Diamond LiftSomerford ParkMillstreetBurghley
Lates QuinnSomerford ParkMillstreetGatcombe (2)
Loxley Last StandSomerford ParkGatcombe (2)
Piltown ColoursSomerford ParkGatcombe (2)Blenheim
Rathmoyle KingSapey (2)Gatcombe (2)
RMH HendricksSapey (2)
Scarlett O TaraGatcombe (2)
Shannondale JediSapey (2)
Shannondale MarioSapey (2)
Shannondale TitanMillstreet
This One's On YouGatcombe (2)
Uncle Austin

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