Competition Fixtures

Bill’s fixtures will be listed here – we will keep the page as accurate as possible but late changes do sometimes have to be made.

Alexander NJ
Athleet VBarburyJardyAston-le-Walls
Ballinamurra de ValeraOffchurch BuryDauntsey
Ballymore Rich CatBarburyJardy
Ballytarsna Colonel GuyOffchurch BuryDauntsey
Itz ChinatownOffchurch BuryDauntsey
Lassban Diamond LiftBarburyJardyAston-le-Walls
Lates QuinOffchurch BuryDauntsey
Mighty TaraBarburyDauntsey
One Last Bet NJOffchurch BuryDauntsey
Piltown ColoursBarburyAston-le-Walls
Shannondale TitanJardy

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