There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in any professional event yard. I hope to give you a flavour of the variety and type of activity that goes on at Little Charingworth Stud to give you an insight in to all that is involved in producing event horses to compete at the top level. You will see from the following calendar that there is never a dull moment. In my blog I hope to provide you with regular updates on the goings on at home and at competitions, and to give you an insight in to the thought and planning that goes in to helping me produce my best at competitions

The following diary entries give you a flavour of the variety of activities that are going on at home. On top of what you see listed below, I try to make sure I’m at home enough of each day to ensure I ride most of my horses. I ride between 6 and 8 horses and teach the working pupils on the yard. I also try and fit in some fitness sessions for myself particularly out of season or at the beginning of the season when I’m trying to build up my base fitness and core stability:

June 1stTattersalls International
June 2ndTattersalls International
June 3rdTattersalls International
June 4thWork horses at home, farrier
June 5thWork horses at home, physio
June 6thBramham International
June 7thBramham International
June 8thBramham International
June 9thBramham International
June 10thBramham International
June 11thWork horses at home, farrier
June 12thLuhmuhlen International
June 13thLuhmuhlen International
June 14thLuhmuhlen International
June 15thLuhmuhlen International
June 16thLuhmuhlen International
June 17thLuhmuhlen International
June 18thWork horses at home, farrier
June 19thWork horses at home
June 20thCrown Riding Club clinic
June 21stShow jump lessons with Ros Morgan
June 22ndArville International
June 23rdArville International
June 24thArville International
June 25thWork horses at home, farrier
June 26thWork horses at home, horse dentist
June 27thGareth dressage lessons
June 28thWork horses at home
June 29thWork horses at home
June 30thAske horse trials

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