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If you are interested in sponsoring Bill, please email on bill@billlevett.com

Bill is currently sponsored by:


Bill LevettTopSpec is owned by experienced equine nutritionists whose goal is to achieve excellence in every aspect of equine nutrition, from selection of the highest quality ingredients, creating innovative, excellent formulae, manufacturing to the highest European standards and providing the most comprehensive nutritional advice to clients. Their nutritionists work closely with many of the leading equine veterinary practices in the UK and provide ‘follow-up’ advice on nutrition and management to their clients.

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“I started using SUCCEED on a couple of my upcoming intermediate horses and one advanced horse – and I’ve been really pleased with the results. Both horses were not good doers but on SUCCEED they’ve both gained condition and more importantly held it while preparing for three-day event campaigns. They’ve never looked better and I think SUCCEED has played a part in helping maintain healthy gut function in these horses which were previously hard to build and maintain condition,” Bill says.

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Bill is grateful for the support he receives from:

Australian Sports Commission

the Australian Sports Commission
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The New South Wales Institute of Sport
The NSWIS has provided financial support for coaching assistance. Click for more information on the NSWIS

Bill Levett


and Equestrian Australia
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Bill is also supported by:


“I’ve used Prolite boots for more than ten years; they are light weight, tough and yet comfortable providing the horses with protection and me with peace of mind when I go cross country”, Bill says.

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HiForm’s Proflam Aid has been an important product in maintaining the health of Alfie an older event horse who has been competing successfully in the Event Rider Master series during 2017 and 2018. It has helped him cope with the stresses and strains of running in a pan European CIC series against the best competition in the world and contributed to his being the horse with the most appearances in the series in 2017 and an overall series placing of 6th in 2017.

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FMBs Therapy Systems

FMBs produce advanced equine therapy equipment to enhance suppleness, fitness and rehabilitation; Activo-Med electromagnetic and massage rugs, boots, lasers and cold therapy plus dry and water treadmills, spa, solarium, nebulisers and washroom equipment.

Bill says, “Managing the physical wellbeing of my horses is an important aspect of keeping them on the road, the ActivoMed rug plays an important role in ensuring we prevent and manage muscle soreness proactively, leaving me with the peace of mind to focus on helping them give of their best in training and competition.”

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Nature’s Botanical

“Nature’s Botanical is an Australian company which produces an effective, natural (and therefore DEET free) insect repellent for horses and humans. Not only does it work, it smells good too!” 

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The New South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS).

The NSWIS has provided financial support for coaching assistance that Bill can use to train with coaches of his choice.

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