Team Levett

I would like to introduce you to ‘Team Levett’ as although I ride the horses, without them I’d not be able to keep the show on the road. I hope you get a flavour from my blog of the variety of activities and level of detail that goes on behind the scenes to run a successful event yard. Whether it be the planning that goes in to tailoring the competition plans for each and every one of the horses, or working out the personalised fitness and training programmes for each horse, or the feeding and shoeing programmes, no stone is left unturned and the detail is constantly revisited in order to try and ensure both the horses and I are ‘set up for success’.

My team is critical to my success, everyone plays their part and all involved are equally important.

Tilly Freemantle, Rockingham Int HT, May 2017Tilly is our Head Girl. She has plenty of experience, having previously worked for Jesse Campbell Eventing and before that having run her own horse business with her family. 
James joins us as a working pupil with his horse Archie. 

Ryan joins us fresh from a season working with hunters.  

Laria joined us on completion of her Degree at Hartpury, having previously worked for Jonty Evans. She brings her horse Nia with her to continue to produce and compete.

Lydia and Gee are working for us part time while they complete their studies at Moreton Morrell. 

Lou D creates order out of chaos with the bookwork. 
Nick Deacon, Farrier, Whatley Manor Gatcombe Int HT, September 2016Nick Deacon (our camera-shy farrier in the photo), Maggie Turner (equine physio for Little Charingworth), Anna Johnson (equine physio at competitions), Grant Chanter (equine dentist), Charlie McCarten, Tom Campbell, Richard Tyler, Graham Potts and Spike Milligan (vets).They are all critical members of the team who we’ve worked with for a long time, more than ten years in most cases, and who help to keep the horses fit and well.

Alan B is our very handy Handyman

Gareth Hughes (dressage trainer), plus Ros Morgan (show jumping) give me help on the flat and over fences as I believe I’m constantly learning and need help to try and continue to improve and refine my riding skills and understanding/partnership with each of the horses I ride and produce.
Byron and Bay, January 20159030WombatBLW125Byron and Bay (the dogs!) guard Little Charingworth Stud, clear up the horse hoof and ensure Jenny and the kids are never alone when I’m away on the road.

Wombat – Jenny’s truck dog

MousecatcherBandit and Missy (the cats!) ensure the mice/rats are kept at bay at Little Charingworth Stud.

Fiona Scott-Maxwell

Thanks to Fiona Scott-Maxwell who takes the majority of the fantastic photos on our website.

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