Aston Part Two

Bill Levett and Lasban Diamond Lift, Aston. July 2016Day two of three done and dusted at Aston. Today was the turn of Womble, Alfie and Sparkles. After Womble and Alfie’s nice dressage tests yesterday, Alfie continued in that fashion and did a lovely clear show jump round.

Womble was not so obliging today and had an unlucky rail and then a stop at the first part of the double. Because we are saving Alfie for the ERM series it was only Womble of those two that got to run cross country today and he made it feel very easy. Nigel has done a good job with the ground, with a lot of the advanced track having some water put on it so it wasn’t rock hard given the hot dry weather we’ve had this last week.

It was a big day for Sparkles as it was his first ever advanced. I must say he handled himself very well. After a slightly exuberant dressage test, he jumped a round for two fences down, and a lovely clear cross country. He made the course feel like an intermediate track, and he certainly feels like he is going to thrive round the bigger courses. Til next time,



Posted 23rd July

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