Here we are at Cornbury Horse Trials in some mega heat! It’s nice to be at an event close to home and which has shown much development over the years.

It’s been so wet this season, it’s a bit of a shock to get this drier ground we’ve been having lately and this week very high temperatures all of a sudden.  Cornbury had worked hard on the ground and it was good going but it’s still ground I didn’t want to go particularly quick on. I was using it to set them up for the bigger events. 

All my boys – Bart, Floss and Archie –  were in the OI and were a bit over the top. They were a bit fresh in the dressage and lit up in the jumping. I thought the exceptional heat might slow them down a bit but no!  I didn’t want to work them too hard beforehand in the mega heat, in order to take out a bit of their exhuberance.  Their dressage tests weren’t great but I know they can all do a tidy test.

On the XC Bart gave me a good feel and he is now finished for the season. He needs to have a break now as he’s done a fair bit this year. He will come out in order to do the 4*L at Montelibretti in the early spring.

It was Floss’ last run before Lignieres where he will do the 4*L. Archie also goes to Lignieres where he will put his grown up pants on and do his first overseas 4*S.

All in all it was a good event.  I thought the course was a little softer but not in a bad way.  There was still a bit of variety to get them in the groove.

Next for Team Levett, Josh goes out to Montelibretti with the Junior GB Team. I take Urssie to Aachen where she will spend time in Vaulting Training. Jenny and I then go out next week to Montellibretti for Josh. Then end of September off to Lignieres with Floss and Archie. Miranda Heynes, part owner of Archie, will be joining us in Lignieres to support Archie which is great.



Posted 8th September

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