Christmas Shopping & Beauty And The Beast

Bill LevettThe snow keeps coming down and we are all getting bored of it at Little Charingworth – as soon as we clear the school it seems to snow again, very dull.  So I thought I’d do a spot of Christmas shopping during a lull in the riding. However I’ve now tried it twice and, if I was a horse, you’d say I was not very forward thinking or perhaps a bit nappy; the first time I lasted twenty minutes and ended up in the local pub in front of a log fire with a glass of red wine, and the second time I didn’t even last five minutes and ended up having a cream tea in the depths of winter in Chipping Campden. The shops are manically busy and I’m feeling rather uninspired  – thank goodness Jenny has not been so nappy.

We are off this evening to take the kids to Chipping Norton to see Beauty and the Beast. We are due another dumping of snow but I’m hoping it will hold off for a few hours or, better still, miss us entirely. It’s a fantastic local market town with a great little community theatre – we have been long term supporters and the theatre always puts on a great show which the adults enjoy as much as the kids.

Until next time, cheers


Posted 21st December

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