Dressage Lessons

Bill LevettI’ve just got back from a couple of dressage lessons with Bettina. She is over for a few days and so I was there like a shot for a few lessons which I find invaluable – I only wish I could have them more regularly but sadly that’s not practical.

I took Tim and Coco and in short continue to learn a lot – one of the fascinating things about what I do (and I guess in many careers in reality) is that I never stop learning. Every time I go I pick up small things that I can work on to improve my riding, whether it be the position of my wrists or how I’m applying my aids – it’s amazing to me how small subtle changes can have such an impact. So as usual Bettina put Tim, Coco and I through our paces and we took away a lot of homework.

I already know the tests for Badminton and Saumur, Tim and Coco’s respective aims, so I’m already working on the patterns and movements. So much of dressage and schooling is about discipline in one’s riding and precision, and this is the focus of what I’m working on – trying to improve the quality of the engagement from the hind leg to be able to achieve greater connection and hence consistently higher marks – it’s work in progress but at least I enjoy the process!

I’m back on Tuesday for more lessons with Bettina. She’s strict with me, but I like that as she is also very clear and specific in what she is trying to get me to work on.



Posted 6th February

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