Shown Up By The Kids

Bill LevettI’ve been teaching a clinic at Lincoln today which I think went well, I hope people found it interesting. We were working on jumping and in particular on rhythm to a fence and maintaining enough impulsion and forward while trying to keep the horse’s hocks underneath it.

While I’ve been teaching the kids took part in their first ever tetrathlon at Westonbirt. I was expecting them to be the youngest participants but there was a 3 year old! They had to run a kilometre and then throw bean bags at a target. Josh and Urssie were in a team with their good friend Lois and they did really well, managing to run nearly all the way. Josh was heard to say a kilometre is a very, very long way!! Much further than we had led him to believe!!! He promptly followed that with, ‘but I did it and mummy and daddy couldn’t run that far’ (and he’s probably right), although Jenny and I are working hard to rectify that as we’ve both upped our fitness training and invested in personal training sessions! Urssie was seen before she had even left this morning doing her stretches and mini push ups – so all in all they were a very professional little outfit and did the North Cotswold Hunt Pony Club proud – and better still they’ve said they’d like to do it again!

So all in all a successful weekend



Posted 20th February

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