Saumur – Cross Country

Bill LevettIt’s been a great day in Saumur today. To cut a long story short Coco stormed around the cross country, notching up just a couple of time faults and now lies in second place. Even better news is that he seems to be on good form this evening and seems so far to have come through the biggest test of his career to date well.

The course caused enough problems and the time was very hard to get – I think a couple made it but they were few and far between – you are always on the turn and the ground is quite hard work to get across as the sand can get deep on the turns especially. I couldn’t have been more pleased with how Coco went, he was on the bridle and up for it without being strong, and really focussed and true on his lines. He didn’t seem to get phased at all.

He got tired in the last 30 seconds, after the last water coming up the last big pull near the end of it before the last two large oxers to finish. However he still kept galloping and jumping. It was a hot old day and although he was hot he recovered well and I think was fit enough which also gives me confidence.

I’m most pleased that I now feel confident I’ve got a horse that can gallop and has enough engine to do the job. I’ve always known he had enough jump but didn’t know about the engine for sure and today has shown me that he has that too. I’m chuffed to bits for him, the team and his owners.

Tomorrow is another day and what will be will be, he’s a good jumper so it’s down to me to ride well and for him to get a good night’s rest and hopefully come out fresh enough to do the job tomorrow.



Posted 21st May

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