Burghley – We’ve Arrived!

Bill LevettWell we’ve finally made it back to Burghley; I was last here in 2004 when the kids were still not born (but in Jenny’s tummy!) and now as I write this they are very much here alive and kicking helping Eleanore and Grace get Tim’s stable ready seven years later. My last visit was a successful one, finishing 10th on Minuto when the steeplechase was still with us. It was a tough competition as the ground was holding and tacky and the event was marred by the tragic death of Caroline Pratt. On a more positive note I personally had a great competition and was proud as Minuto and I managed a double clear in tough conditions.

Back to today I’m looking forward to the week ahead and taking part in this 50th anniversary event, over what looks like a big bold galloping track.

It’s been another busy day as I rode this morning at home and had a couple of lessons with Bettina which was very useful. The team got the lorry and half the house packed to keep the kids, Tim and all the rest of us dry, warm, fed and well equipped for the week.

We’ve now arrived safely, Tim is settled in his stable and I’m napping at the challenge of putting up the tent next to the lorry. I think we might all sleep in the lorry tonight!

Trot up and briefing tomorrow I will keep you all informed.



Posted 30th August

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