Arrived in France

Bill LevettAfter a rather anxious drive to Portsmouth unsure if the ferry would take horses given the winds we are safely arrived in France at Le Lion D’Angers.

Womble found the whole trip a little eye popping as he’d not travelled on a ferry before, however we checked him regularly and once we were under way he settled. It is a big thing for a horse to travel overseas the first time as the noise of all the chains and vehicles on loading can really unsettle them. Interestingly once the boat is on the move the horses always seem to settle well as they appear to get comfort from the movement of the boat a bit like the movement of a lorry on a road – it always surprises me that they travel so well across the actual water, and indeed the same applies to flying.

We’ve arrived to a rather wet and cold France and I’m currently writing this rather than venturing out of the lorry to give Womble a ride and a leg stretch!

Tomorrow we get started with the briefing, course walk and trot up. Until then I shall work Womble and hunker down for an early night after our travels overnight yesterday.



Posted 18th October

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