Dressage Training

Bill LevettI’ve just finished two days of dressage lessons with Bettina and my head is spinning as I’m trying to make sure I digest all the great insight and learning I took out of my lessons. I really like the format as I have two days of lessons back to back one afternoon followed by a morning the next day and I find I get a lot out of it as I’m able to consolidate the learning one day to the next and also go over/clarify things if I’m not clear. I took Alfie, Coco and Ricky this time around and I found the lessons helpful with each of the horses. In many ways I’m still getting to know Alfie and Ricky and I’ve been very conscious to take time for them to get to know me and to allow them time to get used to my way of riding. However it’s now time to increase the concentration in the work and try and make some material progress in building my relationship with them on the flat over the winter months.

Bettina will be back again in a few weeks and my aim is to try and get regular help with her in the off season as well as the on season to ensure we will start the season with no stone left unturned in our preparation to try and ensure 2012 is a winning year for the whole team.



Posted 14th November

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