Polishing The Dressage

Bill LevettYet another foggy day – but at least it’s not raining so I won’t complain. Clare has kindly offered to come and video me on the flat a couple of days a week which I will find really helpful, and today was the day for our first session. Clare arrived looking kitted out for the North Pole, but I forget how cold it can be when you are not riding and moving about – so I was grateful she was cosy and happy to keep videoing despite the gloom of the day.

I found watching my sessions back on the video very helpful as it gives another perspective in being able to link what it feels like to ride with what it looks like from the ground, another set of eyes to be able to analyse what is going well and where there is room for improvement, as I’m trying different techniques on the horses. You need a very patient cameraman/woman but it’s well worth it if you can bribe someone to indulge you – you will learn a lot, I can highly recommend it.



Posted 21st November

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