Time To Say Thank You

Bill LevettLast night we had a drinks party to thank all of our owners and supporters for all they have done/do to support Team Levett. As all of you are I’m sure aware eventing is very much a team effort. I might be the person who rides the horses however there are many, many people behind the scenes that make it possible for me to do so.

So last night we had a party to thank everyone. Jenny and I wouldn’t be natural hosts as we both find it a bit stressful but it all went well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

The preparations are always very funny as we always leave things until the last minute and then spend a mad couple of hours trying to transform our house from a children’s play haven to something more in keeping with a drinks party! We managed the transformation as ever just in time and it all went off without a hitch.

The first 20minutes were quite funny as while telling an animated story about ‘lego construction’ (yes, a specialist subject of mine!) I managed to throw red wine all over myself (and yes I was wearing a white shirt), anyway a quick change and all was sorted and back on track.

I even surprised myself with how much I enjoyed it; I love people and being with them but in a big group it’s always hard to make sure you get it all right.



Posted 4th December

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