The Ups and Downs of Horses….

Bill Levett

After the highs of the training camp last weekend and our first event of the season this weekend, it is back down to earth with a big old bump today.

It’s been one of those days which we all have with horses but which are hard to take…… not helped by the weather returning to sub zero temperatures and trying to snow which led to the cancellation of my clinic sadly today at Swaycliffe. Although in some ways given the afternoon I’ve had that was a blessing in disguise. To cut a long story short, Sunny has somehow managed to hurt himself in his stable  – one of those freak things that makes no sense and no one understands but it is what it is, so the afternoon has been taken up with being with him and liaising with the vets to make sure he gets the best diagnosis and care possible. It is early days and we are monitoring him closely but it is a timely reminder of how challenging this sport I do is, and how it is all so up and down. In this instance (as with many) there is no explanation and it doesn’t make sense, just one of those freaky things that happens from time to time.



Posted 4th March

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