Saumur – Sunday Morning Controversy

Hipp and Coco feel great this morning and both passed the trot up without incident. There is, however, much controversy here this morning as Andrew Nicholson has had a minute taken off his time and is now the only person to have got the time?! And more than that, finished 20 seconds under the time supposedly – crackers. This means Andrew is now in 2nd and we are pushed down to 5th and 6th place. Completely bonkers as it’s hard to believe, despite Andrew’s brilliance, that he was that much faster than everyone else. He placed an objection (as he often does, as do most of us to be fair) when he was held on course due to Clayton’s fall and they took a minute off his time. Completely bonkers and it all feels very unfair.

Nothing to be done so I just need to focus on my performance and trying to jump two clear rounds this afternoon. It is tipping it down here and the show jumping starts later this afternoon. I’m hoping the ground will hold up in the main arena as unusally for France the jumping is on grass not on a surface.



Posted 20th May

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