So Near But Yet So Very Far……

Bill LevettWell I’m finally able to share with you the devastating news I received earlier in the week that I have NOT been selected for the London Olympic team for Australia. I have felt completely devastated by this news all week. Gutted for my owners, my team, my horses and feeling a bit sorry for myself as well. I’ve had a few days to get used to the news and so am now trying to focus on the future as there’s nothing else to be done.

The team has been confirmed as Clayton, Lucinda, Chris Burton, Andrew Hoy and Shane Rose. I’ve been named as one of three reserves with Coco – the other two are Megan Jones and Tim Bowland. I’m gutted for Hipp and his owners that he doesn’t get a chance to shine and am not optimistic that Coco will get a run either.

With Hipp I’m focussing on other goals, moving on –he’s going to Aachen and then Burghley – the Leggetts are coming to Aachen which is great news, so that will be a good goal to look forward to for them and Hipp.

Coco meanwhile has to be prepared as if he might be running at Greenwich, but I’m not optimistic he will get to do so. It’s going to be tough to prepare as a reserve but like anything in life one has just got to get on with it. It’s tough for me, the owners, the horse and the team but we will be professional about it and prepare as if we are going but in our heart of hearts know the chances are very, very remote especially as they are not publishing any sort of ranking of reserves.

I’m viewing it as yet another one of life’s learning experiences, I still have my health and family so in many ways I am blessed. I’ve got to put behind me what I think or don’t think about the selection process and selection decisions – it’s done. Lots of people have said why didn’t I appeal – but it’s just not me, and one has to be true to oneself. Frankly if I’d jumped a clear round or even had one rail in Saumur I think things would be different but I didn’t and they’re not and that is that.

So we move forwards and there is lots to be grateful for and to be positive about.

I must say a big thank you to everyone for their good wishes and kind words over the last few days.



Posted 22nd June

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