Shown Up By The Kids

Bill LevettIt’s been a hot and steamy but fun day to be working horses. I’m not going to complain about the sunshine as we’ve spent so long complaining about the lack of it, it would now seem fickle to be moaning about the heat! Although I’m sure the girls and horses would beg to differ especially given the dreadful horseflies that still seem to be everywhere given the wet weather of the previous month or so.

Anyway less about the weather!

The horses have all been on good form and training is going well at home. Today I took a few horses cross country schooling, and took the opportunity to experiment with some different bits for Womble and try and build Timmy’s confidence and experience cross country. All went well. I was however shown up by the kids who came with me on their ponies and proceeded to be seen whizzing around the schooling field. It was great to have them with me and to see them whizzing about, cantering through the water and over little ditches and logs – they have such fantastic ponies we and they are very blessed. Much fun was had by all and there were two tired ponies and children at the end of the session but much made of wanting to come back again.



Posted 25th July

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