Off To Burghley

Bill LevettWe’ve made it to Burghley – we all set off this afternoon and it felt like a big adventure with Josh, Urssie, Grace, Mel, bikes, Pudding and of course Hipp in tow. Byron and Bay have stayed at home to keep Jenny company as she sadly has to work until the end of the week and is keeping an eye on things at home.

There was a flurry of activity this morning with endless lists, packing, more lists and more packing – for which I can take no credit as I was riding horses (as usual) and everyone else was beavering away.

It’s nice to be back at Burghley; it is my favourite event, it is so ‘rider friendly’ and it’s really nice to have the kids with me as well.

Off to give Hipp a ride around to get him settled and then have an early night.



Posted 28th August

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