Boekelo – Course Walking

Bill LevettWell today has seen lots of sunshine but I think the rain is coming tomorrow and Saturday, but hopefully not loads which the UK is experiencing as I write this by all accounts.

I walked and wheeled the course again and it is 10 minutes and 30 seconds. There are a few good questions, the first at number 7 – a box brush, two very long strides or three short, my preferred option, to a very skinny triple brush, then four strides to an angled brush. Then two fences later it is the first water with 4 elements both with pluses and minuses – you have a right and left side option with four elements on each side… choices, choices!

Ricky has been good today and he was worked twice. We are on tomorrow at 3.20 – the scores today have seen Michael Jung on a 32, and good to see Tim Price in second up there on a 41. Anyway will let you know how it goes tomorrow.



Posted 11th October

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