Turnaround Time

Bill LevettIt was a long drive home from Boekelo yesterday – it always is when things don’t quite go to plan, but there is no point dwelling on it – it is what it is, and we move on. Ricky will have gained experience from the event and seems to have pulled up ok bar a superficial knock to his knee so we will live to fight another day.

We didn’t get away until the middle of the afternoon as Polly Jackson was travelling with us and she was show jumping on Sunday. We then drove through the night arriving home in the early hours. The horses travelled well and Ricky went out in the paddock today and will go home for a break for a few weeks before some winter schooling.

It was then time to ride Alex and Hipp and get organised to leave for Le Lion d’Angers and Pau – I’m taking both Hipp and Alex down to Le Lion so I can then head on to Pau direct from Le Lion and have Hipp with me to school for the week: Sami has kindly agreed to bring Alex back for me.

The washing machine has been going non stop and there has been much packing and unpacking of clothes and kit. We then heard that the captain won’t take horses tonight on the Caen route and so we have delayed our travel by a few hours and instead will leave here at 3.30am tomorrow to catch the 8.00am ferry from Portsmouth, all being well. It’s less driving to go Portsmouth/Caen and easier on the horses.

All being well we will arrive at Le Lion on Tuesday evening. I will keep you updated and I’m hoping for a better outing than at Boekelo.



Posted 15th October

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